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Boots "The Brisse" Deeluxe

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Brisse PF Boots Snowboard de Deeluxe

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Les Boots de Snowboard The Brisse PF est le pro-modèle de Dan Brisse.

Cette Boot, de la série Inspiration, est conçue aussi bien pour les sessions urbaines que pour les kickers en backcountry.

Grâce à une collaboration avec le fabricant de semelles Footprint Insoles, la botte offre un niveau de confort et de performance inégalés.

The Brisse PF est fournie d'office avec le chausson Performance Flex.


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The Boots Snowboard The Brisse PF is the pro -style Dan Brisse .

This boot is designed for both urban sessions for the backcountry kickers .

His thin sole increases the sensations and the new FLD maximizes fit and performance level .

These boots use technology lacing SCL for you facilitate the feet of your boots .

Custom Flex construction and the new lock FLD allow you to adjust the fit, flex and comfort of the boot.

The Boot PF Brisse integrates the new outsole . This improves the sole ( adhesion and impact absorption.

The Brisse PF is supplied automatically with the liner Performance Flex .

Technology :

Dupont Surlyn® Highback : This highback contributes to the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, the highback also aids in dictating its stiffness.

D-Lug : Our new, patent-pending D-Lug outsole is designed to better cushion and cradle your feet. Dual impact zones provide enhanced traction and absorb vibrations. To provide additional cushioning, the sole features independent lugs that work like suspension. The new outsole also acts as a frame that enhances the support and stability of the boot.

C3 : One boot — three zones. The three part division of the boot allows the heel, forefoot, and shaft zones to be isolated and laced separately. The yellow zone holds the heel and stabilizes the ankle. When this zone is laced, the boot is combat-ready and fully functional. Separate lacing systems for the forefoot and shaft zones enhance comfort by providing a means to adjust these specific areas. Loose lacing in the green zones yields a softer flex, while tighter lacing in these areas provides a stiffer flex.

Custom Flex : The name says it all — our Custom Flex construction enables riders to adjust the support and responsiveness of their boots. The ankle lacing allows you to secure your foot in the boot. Thanks to the micro­adjustment Boa affords, these boots enable you to dial in the perfect fit and flex.

Waterproof Construction : Precise stitching and a sandwich construction ensure water can’t penetrate the boot’s shell. After all, a dry foot is a happy foot.

Double Power Strap : It’s two Powerstraps instead of one for much more support.



Liner :

Performance Flex : This liner is conceived for optimal performance. It offers optimal support. The highback provides stability, special L-Pads draw your heel in and hold it in position. The DEELUXE EVA construction provides for minimal weight, the extra soft cuff keeps our calfs comfortable all day.



Additional Information

Mondo PointNo
RangeInspiration Series
specificityGrâce à une collaboration avec le fabricant de semelles Footprint Insoles, la botte offre un niveau de confort et de performance inégalés.
Rate performance7/10

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