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Bâton Sauteur TK8 Pro Air BVN

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Pogo Stick TK8 Pro Air BVN

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Le pogo stick TK8 Pro Air BVN, est un bâton sauteur, mais c’est surtout UN TK8! Ce bâton sauteur est destiné aux Takers de 15 ans et plus, ou de 60 á 100 kilos, le PRO AIR nous emmène dans un autre univers.


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In Terre de Randonnée, we love outdoor activities and nature of urban air, in agreement with TK8 we offer the new attraction their pogo stick.

The pogo stick TK8 Pro Air
BVN is a pogo stick, but it's mostly A TK8! This pogo stick is designed for Takers 15 years and older, or 60 á 100 pounds, PRO AIR takes us into another world.

It is designed based on highly resistant materials, reinforced steel or aluminum alloy. It comes with the return leg in the body to take up less space.

The compressed air replaces the spring. It is you, Taker, which choose your pressure according to your weight, and changes you want to achieve. The higher the pressure, the greater the effort required to compress the air is important, and the return leg harder. The rebound will be more powerful, of course.
Inside the body, the slide is facilitated by the silicone oil. This tends to be eliminated by the leg. It must therefore be added as soon as the slide becomes less easy.

Pro Air
BVN allows you to access great feelings with greater than 1.5 m jumps ... You can really move in 3 dimensions, you free of gravity, creating your figures, play with street furniture, rocks , modules skate park .. Take it High, because they are your limits you can push.

You can also make it less free style, and the flowing, chaining regular breaks on longer time of use. It's good for your heart is good for your sheathing, your arms, your coordination ... Take it High.

Associated with the 3 colors of the sun, which continues its relentless race morning Red, clotted blood of the Earth, the Black night, through the White day. Strength, hardness, recognition of the primacy of Nature. You agree the time, you recognize as the first element in the universe, you praise the strength of the sun, and you met the two to feed your challenges. With these three colors, do your synthesis, tienne.TK8 likes your style


As soon as you begin to master your PRO AIR, you open your space even try skiing, with soulplate to take bars, to dishes ...

The pad should be replaced after wear. This is an essential piece.

Take care of your PRO AIR. Windshield leg regularly with a soft cloth to remove impurities and traces of oil. Regularly check the screws. After use, remove the air: it takes less space for storage, and provide zero risk.

WARNING: Protects your body, protect your head, using TK8 helmet, the 1078 standards, protect your hands with gloves (available under the brand TK8 too).
Do not use your TK8 wet, sandy soil on slippery ... And give watts .. Take it high.

The TK8 PRO AIR 1 year warranty, from the date of purchase, to the extent it is used in accordance with these recommendations, and to use a sports and entertainment.
The warranty does not apply in cases of abuse of the device (projection against obstacles, jump from great heights, etc..) Or use for which it is not intended, or if rental or resale.
The pad and grips are accessories that wear out. They are not supported by this warranty.

Additional Information

Usefranchissement d’obstacles, réalisation de figures, équilibres, urbain,...
Warranty1 an
Various informationutilisation jusqu’à 100 kg

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