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Chaussure Garmont Azula FR 110 TN

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Shoe Garmont Azula FR 110 TN

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La chaussure de ski Azula FR 110 TN du fabricant Garmont est une chaussure femme de Freeride.

Nous vous proposons seulement le modèle Azula FR 110 TN correspondant à la Norme Touring qui inclut une semelle Vibram® et les inserts Tech.

L' Azula est la chaussure de Garmont Freeride All-Round élaborée pour les femmes recherchant plus de tolérance.

L'avant Pied anatomique de la coque est préformé pour les zones sensibles de notre pied.

L' Azula FR 110 TN propose une polyvalence incroyable, avec ses semelles interchangeables.

Son mécanisme Ski / Marche Easy³ Magnesium est simple d'utilisation entièrement ajustable selon les préférences d'inclinaison.

L'Azulaest fournie le chausson Thermoformable femme EZ Fit qui combine rigidité, précision et confort.



Availability: Out of stock

The ski boot Azula FR 110 TN Manufacturer Garmont is a womens Freeride.

We offer only the model Azula TN corresponding to EN 110 Standard Touring includes a Vibram ® sole inserts and Tech.

The shoe is Azula Garmont Freeride All-Round developed for women seeking greater tolerance.

The front foot anatomical preformed shell is for sensitive areas of our foot.

The FR 110 Azula TN offers incredible versatility with its interchangeable soles.

Its mechanism Ski / Walk Easy ³ Magnesium is easy to use, fully adjustable according to the preferences of inclination.


Features :

  • Shell :  Selected Technical Polymers
  • Flex Index :  FR 110
  • Last Width (27.5) :  103/108.7mm
  • Cuff Rotation :  38⁰
  • Liners :  EZ Fit Women’s
  • Closure :  4 Magnesium FR Buckles + Power Strap + Adjustable Spoiler
  • Weight :  1 860 g (size 24.5)
  • Size Range :  MP 23 - 27.5
  • Forward Lean :  13 ±1.5 degrees + free for walking
  • System : UNI - TECH (TECH signifies compatibility with ATK, G3, Plum, and Dynafit ®-type connections.)

The shell :

  • Lasted for maximum comfort with the highest precision: The PowerFrame Freeride’s “forma”, or last, was developed with an ample forefoot and a secure heel. The multi-injected internal “pod” was developed with cutouts to give relief to the vulnerable areas inevitable with skiers’ feet:  the navicular bone, first metatarsal, fifth and “sixth” metatarsals.
  • Multi-injected construction, using Selected Technical Polymers (both PU and Pebax®) provide the most damp, solid, “alpine boot” feel. The multi-injected insert inside each shell allows us to isolate the most sensitive areas of the foot so that we can most accurately follow the foot’s anatomy, and accommodate the bunions and bone spurs so prevalent with skier’s feet. The insert is a stiffer “pod” that surrounds the foot to provide incredible lateral leverage without inhibiting the shell’s forward flex. Freeride cuffs are multi-injected with a very stiff frame for maximum lateral and rearward support, while the softer overlap wraps the leg more closely for instant response.
  • High Overlap: The High Overlap, like the Radium’s, provides remarkable leverage, with perfect power transfer to the medial mid-foot—exactly where you need it to arc and control today’s big skis.
  • The Water Dam and Water Seal gasket work together to seal out snow and keep your feet dry. Two separately-injected, softer PU components, they work together in different planes to better conform to the shell’s opening and provide the best seal.

The Soles :

  • Quick-Change Sole Sets and binding norms: For the most versatility our Freeride boots have two Quick-Change sole sets that are compatible with all 3 binding norms. The Alpine Sole Set is compatible with the ISO Alpine Norm. The optional Touring Sole Set is compatible with the ISO Touring Norm (UNI) and the Tech Norm. It has a Vibram® outsole specially-formulated for cold-weather grip and durability, and for torsional support during hard edging. These soles can be changed in a flash, snapping securely into place, and fixed with only three hex bolts per boot. No other manufacturer has such easily-interchangeable soles.

Mechanics :

  • The bomber Easy³ Magnesium Ski/Walk  Mechanism has 3 forward lean positions that can be quickly and precisely adjusted with one hex bolt. Like the Radium’s walk mechanism, the sturdy Easy³ is designed for simple disassembly and servicing. Its asymmetric lever’s ergonomic design makes it easy to open and close with gloves. Adjust the mechanism to your lean preference and, when skiing, you can click into the right position easily without searching for your choice.
  • Garmont  TECH INSERTS:  Our TECH insert significantly improves upon the current industry standard for durability and quality control. These GARMONT TECH INSERTS have reinforcement ribs for additional tensile strength, with oval holes that pass more plastic during the injection process for maximum strength.  The retention cones have been designed for friction-free rotation when walking, while allowing maximum binding retention in ski mode.
  • Lightweight, strong, Magnesium FR buckles: The Magnesium FR buckles are low-profile, light, and easy to operate with gloves.  Their asymmetric design keeps a low-profile without sacrificing ease of use. Buckles are field-replaceable.
  • EZ Lock Catches: First developed for the Radium, the EZ Lock buckle catches on the cuff keep the buckles in place when hiking.

Additional Information

Weight1.860 kg (taille 24.5)
RangeSki Freeride
specificityChausson Ez Fit ,4 crochets, Norme Touring, femme
UseSki Freeride, Ski

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