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Gants chauffants Thermo Gloves

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In heated gloves Thermogloves Monnet

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La haute technologie au service de la sécurité est l'alternative que nous propose le fabricant allemand pour cette paire de gants.

Le gants chauffants Thermo Gloves est un concentré de technologie adaptée à notre quotidien.

Il peut être un excellent investissement pour toutes les personnes qui pratiquent une activité professionnelle extérieure, un accessoire de survie pour les courses en hautes montagnes, ou simplement des sous gants chauffants pour les activités en période hivernale.


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This winter, you should do your hands a favour.

Even on the coldest winter days, keep your hands warm with the Thermo Gloves, the first wireless and rechargeable heated gloves worldwide, that even fit underneath your other gloves.

In the heated gloves Thermo Gloves is a concentrate of technology adapted to our daily lives.

It can be an investment for all those who practice outside business activity, an accessory for survival races in high mountains, or just under heated gloves for activities during winter ..

One thing is certain: you will become a use is unconditional.

The Thermo Gloves improving your comfort during your practice winter sports.

The Thermo Gloves is adjustable in 3 positions :

  1. L : 34 °: 4 to 5 hours autonomy (LED green)
  2. M : 39 °: 3 to 4 hours autonomy (LED yellow)
  3. H : 44 °: jusqu'à 2 hours autonomy (LED red)

This way you can choose your own ideal temperature, depending on whether you get cold hands quickly or not.If you are no longer cold, you can turn the heat off without having to take off the Thermo Gloves or the outside gloves, because the on/off button is located on the outside of the Thermo Gloves.

Thermo Gloves are equipped with high-tech carbon fibres that conduct the heat. These fibres are not only extremely thin and flexible, they also ensure an even distribution of heat.

The heating time is between 2 and 5 hours, depending on the temperature level, but that does not mean that you have to have cold hands after that. Simply replace the accumulator, without even having to take off the gloves. The spare accumulators are extremely lightweight and weigh only 59 grams per piece. Thus, they are light enough to always have a second pair of accumulators along. You will not even notice that you are carrying them.


Specifications :

  • Highly extensible materials
  • Ultra thin heating elements made ​​of carbon fiber
  • 220V charger with dual output jack and LED charging status indicator
  • 2 hours charge time (after an initial charge of 8 hours)
  • 2X Battery pack of 59 gr and 2700 mAh inserted into the cuff of the glove
  • Comes with a travel kit
  • CE certificate for the charger and batteries


Additional Information

ManufacturerThermo Gloves
specificitySous gants chauffants, ...
UseSki, pêche à l'aube, activité extérieure extrême, ...
Various informationXS - S : 1 - 5 / S / M : 5.5 - 8 / L - XL : 8.5 - 11

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