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Chaussons Chauffants Thermo Slippers

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Thermo Slippers Heated

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Après une dure journée d'activité, nous avons droit au repos compensateur au coin de la cheminée avec nos pantoufles chauffantes Thermo Slippers.

Cet pantoufle disponible seulement en couleur châtaigne chez Terre de Randonnée sont d'un confort sans pareil.

Les chaussons Thermo Slippers contiennent des éléments chauffants hautement flexibles en fibre de carbone, qui gardent vos pieds bien au chaud. Cette chaleur locale permet de soulager les tensions et  vous décontracte entièrement.

La semelle des Thermo Slippers est flexible et antidérapante, et vous apporte en plus de son confort chauffant, l’avantage de vous déplacer sans danger à la maison. Les glissades sur les parquets ou dans les escaliers appartiennent définitivement au passé.

Selon le niveau de chauffage, l’autonomie de batterie peut atteindre 5 heures. Les Thermo Slippers peuvent se laver et se nettoyer très facilement.


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After a hard day of work, we are entitled to compensatory rest at the fireplace with our heated slippers Thermo Slippers.

This slipper available only chestnut in Earth Trek are unparalleled comfort.

Thermo Slippers slippers contain highly flexible heating elements made ​​of carbon fiber, which keeps your feet warm. The local heat relieves tension and relaxes you completely.

The sole of Thermo Slippers is flexible, non-slip, and brings you more comfort heating, the benefits of moving safely at home. Slipping on floors or stairs definitely belong to the past.

Depending on the level of heat, battery life up to 5 hours. Thermo Slippers can be washed and cleaned easily. 

Thermo Slippers provide comfort and can be used as slippers or as mules. The rear portion is set up very easily, and it is secured by a velcro system very clever. The counter contains an elastic, allowing the slipper fit perfectly to your foot. You can choose and change the tightness of the buttress.
Thermo Slippers have three different temperature levels, namely 34 degrees Celsius, 39 degrees Celsius and 44 degrees Celsius, you can choose and adjust to your personal needs.

The batteries supplied are high-performance lithium polymer battery, no memory effect, which can be recharged up to 500 times. In addition, batteries weigh only 59 grams each, which is light enough not to feel their presence in the body.


Footwear features :

  • never cold feet
  • a warmth to the forefoot in particuler the toes and ball of the foot
  • very comfortable with non-slip soles
  • the buttress can be attached or removed
  • can be worn to sleep
  • High performance batteries replaceable
  • Lithium polymer battery: 2700 mAh, 3.7 V with no memory effect
  • comes with two batteries and charger
  • The newspaper "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" called Thermo Slippers "high quality" according to the test result. (edition of 18 December 2012)
  • Shell: 100% Polyester
  • Material soles: 100% Polyester
  • A heater 100% carbon fiber


Correspondence Table Size :

Shoe Size Size
36 / 37  S
38 / 39 M
40 / 41 L
42 / 43 XL
44 / 45 XXL


Tableau Correspondance Taille :

Pointure Taille
36 / 37  S
38 / 39 M
40 / 41 L
42 / 43 XL
44 / 45 XXL


Additional Information

ManufacturerThermo Soles
SizeTableau Correspondance Taille :

Pointure Taille
36 / 37 S
38 / 39 M
40 / 41 L
42 / 43 XL
44 / 45 XXL

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